Get a Second Opinion

Chrysalis Consulting Services is committed to growing new business and the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley.  We want you to help you make solid decisions at all stages of your company.  To that end, we are pleased to offer a “second opinion” service to entrepreneurs at no cost.

Equity Transactions

Teams of 2-3 founders seem to be the norm for most startups.    Cap table issues along with questions about equity transactions often arise.  Common question is when the team gets bigger or graduate to funding with investors how that impacts our equity / ownership.  Conversely, organizations with cap table challenges may need strategic counsel to attract additional rounds of funding.  Chrysalis Consulting Services will review your organization’s equity transactions and offer strategic guidance to ensure you organization has the equity available to reward the founders and employees and is still attractive to the financial community.

Investor Pitch Review

An investor’s belief in your ability and your concept’s strength starts with the first sentence you speak and the first slide of your presentation.  Core financial metrics based on a firm foundation can make or break a presentation.  Chrysalis Consulting Services will listen to you present your funding presentation and offer you the perspective of the financial community.  This provides valuable insight on how to structure the financials data in your presentation and give confidence to boldly present to the financial community.  We also have extensive contacts in the financial community and will introduce clients to angel and venture capital investors, banks and other trusted advisors.

Corporate Foundation and Strategy Review

First-time founders can become overwhelmed with “legalese heavy” details and structure decisions necessary to create a solid corporate foundation.  Delaware verses California / Nevada incorporation or the tax ramifications of a C corp. verses S corp. or LLC.  These critical decisions are often made quickly and on the internet causing potential problems and significant costs to unwind if done improperly.

Additionally the financial set up of your accounting is important and often neglected when a corporation is just starting up.  Understanding the accounting options, structures, and strategies in the beginning significantly minimizes challenges and expensive clean up.  Chrysalis Consulting Services provides the essential review and has the knowledge based to provide founding entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to start on the right foot and grow forward.