Services for Start-Ups (Angel and Venture Fund Raising – from 500K to 5 Mm)

Inventors and visionaries are thrust into the financial and legal world at lightning speed.  Many have never produced financials or business plans but are expected to deal constructively with the financial community in a variety of ways.   At Chrysalis Consulting, we have been the financial anchor to many start-ups for over 20 years.   We offer a suite of services needed at this important stage of the organization to ensure there is a firm foundation to support the organization’s growth.  Most importantly we offer interim services customized to the specific needs of the organization at each stage of growth.   At this critical stage of your company’s development, your organization maintains low overhead as you use only the financial, legal and human resources services that you need at any time.

The typical start-up needs the following services from their financial executive:

  • Financial operations design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Legal – corporate book / cap table / contracts / leases
  • Risk Management
  • Intellectual property protection
  • CFO level oversight, controller services and bookkeeping services
  • Board and investor reporting
  • Banking and legal relation development – we have an extensive Rolodex of legal / CPA / banking organizations and other professional services
  • Business development