Guidance and information to lead your company and effectively communicate with your board and investors.

Conception to Mid-stage

From ‘two guys with an idea’ to a sound business entity requires diligent financial planning. You have the drive, passion, and commitment to bring the idea to market. Chrysalis ensures the company has the foundation to go the distance.

CFO Services

You need to remain focused on core business activities. Chrysalis will understand your unique needs and provide services ranging from funding presentation development to professional financial and legal institution connection.

Management Consulting Services

We design financial systems based on best practices. You no longer need to panic when you have to discuss your current financial standing. We will handle management reports and financial presentations for your board and investors.

Streamline Your Business

Chrysalis provides analysis, recommendations, and guidance to make decisions on everything from developing your fundraising plan to determining an exit strategy. We help you every step along the way including to creating successful business models and conducting due diligence on contracts and potential partnerships.



Janet is a dream partner for any startup, she is extremely bright, energetic, experienced, a powerful positive force of success, and has the deepest and ...